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About me

just know that there ain't muc to know i'm a 23 yr. ol independent artist taking care of mines, i'm a native from the 916 from North Highland CaLifornia, my Life has been an internationally journey one can only remember so much, i bounced around stste to state most my lafe, my father and mother split up when i was 3 yrs ol. and one thing my father told me is i live in one spot so no matter where you go you know where i'm at, for 19 yrs he kept that promise. i was mostly raised as one who was solo missionary, met many people along the way, faces i remember but many names i've forgotten or it 's the other wasy around, either way you see it i've met music who stuck with me during my ups and downs the only thing that really kept me moving to where i'm at now, to return the favor i let my soul throught the speaker and let the knots untie the future of whats you see before you whether it be the present are the past, yet the future is the next breath you take. let it be as no mistake im officially known for bring ing something to the table and with the patients of others only so many where witness to what was seen . i'll let my song speak the rest for me. It Tu-tone 4X0rnerz Xr0zz Ent. 0RegionAll NaTuReaL Jettabases.

Tu-tone the Mexdian Aka A.M.V.P

Tu-tone and Aleanna My Beautyful Luv-e

WellCome 2o 4 X0rnerz Xr0zz Ent.